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Protects First Responders

Police and EMT can secure suspicious material before being contaminated themselves.

Reduces the Risk of Secondary Contamination

BLOC can mean the difference between life or death when opioids are present.

White Powder Scares Happen Every Day

The threat is real and confronted by responders who have little defense against it.

Get the life-saving protection of BLOC today!


Unnecessary risk of opioid exposure can be prevented by equipping First Responders with BLOC™ devices; a hand-held safety measure which encapsulates dangerous opioids and suspicious powders. BLOC™ devices are Third-party confirmed, patent pending and available for immediate deployment.

  • BLOC prevents secondary exposure to Fentanyl, Carfentanil, and mass casualty agents.
  • BLOC encapsulates powder substances, residue whether on skin, clothing or hard surfaces.
  • BLOC can be used on any surface, clothing and directly on skin.
  • BLOC can be peeled from nonporous surfaces and submitted as evidence.
  • BLOC is non-flammable and non-aerosol.


The danger of opioids is real and affects everyone. First responders face lethal hazards while coming to the aid of others. Bloc is meant to be their first line of defense.

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